[mythtv-users] The perfect HTPC frontend?

Richard Taylor rjt-mythtv at thegrindstone.me.uk
Tue Dec 9 14:32:41 UTC 2008


Just joined the list and new to MythTV.

I saw this message in the archives and I have just purchased an Advent
X22 from eBay for 150.

I have a couple of questions if the original poster is still around.

The first problem I have is with using the DVI/VGA adaptor. When I plug
in a VGA monitor X does not work. If I plug in a DVI LCD monitor it
works just fine. Any ideas what I might do to get the VGA/CRT monitor to
work? I have waded through the Intel driver man page but I can't see
anything obvious.

Second question relates to the output ports. The original post says that
there is an optical spdif output. Can someone tell me what this looks
like. The machine did not come with a manual and there is nothing on the

Many thanks.


> Hi All
> I noticed on the list there's a lot of debate about what is the
> perfect frontend and I believe I've found it (I bought a few of these
> earlier in the year but it's taken me a while to get all the niggles
> sorted out.)
> The unit in the UK was known as an Advent X22 but it was actually an
> Intel reference design that was manufactured by Elite Computer Group
> (ECS) and known in the states as the P60 (badged by various different
> brands).
> Now why would you think this was the perfect FE?
> 1.  Dual Core Processor Support - Normally comes with a T2300
> 2.  Small Form Factor Case with DVD support (about the size of a
Hardback Book)
> 3.  Wifi Built in 3945 Intel - Bad antenna though - I'll come onto this.
> 4.  Bluetooth Built In.
> 5.  Irda built in
> 6.  SAA 7163 Tuner built in - Now supported native in Kernel 2.6.25
(F9 sees and detects native).
> 7.  DVI Output
> 8.  Memory up to 4GB (but I run a FE with 1GB under F9 gnome no >problem)
> 9.  Standard Portable 2.5" SATA drive - Usually comes with 100GB which
is plenty as an FE.
> 10. 2 USB2 Ports
> 11. Memory stick reader
> Having configured these now so that all the above are working
> correctly under F9 I have to say they are great boxes.  I use the MCE
> remote to drive the system and a Perixx Bluetooth keyboard/trackball
> for any 'PC' related issues.
> I run it using MythTV 0.21 and it works well.
> Now the downside is that when these were launched they were over ?1000
> ($2000) each.  However you can pick them up off E-Bay for a couple of
> hundred quid and you could upgrade the processor if you needed (though
> frankly you don't need to - I've spooled HD stuff of my backend and
> output as 720p no problem).

> If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and if you come
> across any I'd recommend grab em if you can.
> Regards

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