[mythtv-users] Some recordings do not appear in Watch Recordings but file is on hard drive and was in Upcoming Recordings?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 13:50:46 UTC 2008

> > > If I look in my recordings directory the MPG file is present,
> > > approximately the correct file size and if I double click it it plays
> > > in an external player.
> So does it play right to the end?  Any signal quality issues?   Maybe
> the recording is failing just before the end.
> Does it schedule to record a later showing (if one exists).
> Have you checked your database for any errors  (optimize_mythtdb.pl)

I manually add it to the database and rebuild the seektable (using
mythcommflag as explained in the wiki) and the file plays fine apart
from the length of the recording being wrong (e.g. it displays 4 hours
duration instead of 30 minutes) which makes fast forwarding etc
difficult as MythTV gets confused.  I guess using the alternative
method of mythtranscode may fix this.

It should still add a entry to Watch Recordings at least on my setup.
When a recording is due as soon as it starts it gets added to Watch
Recordings and the entry in Upcoming Recordings is shown as recording
regardless I normally do not have to wait until the recording is
finished if everything is working as it should.

I have never noticed it rescheduling if the recording fails to appear
this seems to point to MythTV thinking it is/has recorded the show but
it just does not appear in Watch Recordings.

The optimize script is run each day so the database should have no
corruption.  The signal appears fine after following the tzap
instructions on the Wiki.

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