[mythtv-users] [ATrpms-users] Confused: why did video performance DECREASE (up to 70%) after upgrading video card by 2 generations??? Please validate my analysis

Ian Clark mrrooster at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 09:59:48 UTC 2008

2008/12/7 Jeffrey J. Kosowsky <atrpms at kosowsky.org>:
> - Is it really possible that the older 4600 is better than the 6200 for
>  the limited graphics demands of older games like quake3 and demos like
>  glxgears?
Yup. :)

The Geforce 4 and 6 series are only 2 generations apart, and they were
in the era where the performance shifted from out and out fill rate
(the geforce 4) to better processing for shaders and the like. I had a
geforce 5600 given to me, that was significantly slower than my
geforce 4200 for all but the most modern games that would take
advantage of direct X 9 level of shaders.

Also, the 4600 was the top of the line Geforce 4 (and the GF4 was a
fast chip in it's day.) whereas the 6200 is the bottom of the range of
the geforce 6 series, something like a 6600 or a 6800 would outperform
your 4 for games. However they're probably overkill for myth.

Have you tried using OpenGL for playback? (I'm not sure if you need to
compile myth with special options to enable this?)

Is there anything obvious in the logs? Is it definatly using
everything it should? (ie, it's not falling back to software or
xv-copy or something?)



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