[mythtv-users] iMon VFD stopped working in recent (2.6.27) Fedora kernels

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Mon Dec 8 00:13:44 UTC 2008

I have an Antec Fusion silver case with the VFD in it. This has been
working fine for ages via both lcdproc and Myth frontend. However a recent
kernel upgrade in Fedora 9 to stopped it working
completely. It had been working under

lsusb shows the appropriate device detected. The lirc_imon and lirc_dev
kernel modules load successfully at boot - this can be seen in dmesg and

When I start the LCDd daemon, I get an error that /dev/lcd0 does not
exist, and a question asking whether the kernel module is installed. A
quick lsmod|grep lirc shows that lirc_imon and lirc_dev are indeed still

Anyone hit anything recently that gives similar problems?

I've tried installing Fedora 10 on the same box, and that gives the same
problem with kernel

I'm in the process of registering on the venky imon message board, but
that process requires manual authorisation by an admin of the board, so I
thought I would ask on here in the meantime.

Any pointers much appreciated, or even just verification that it isn't
just me!
Mike Holden

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