[mythtv-users] Myfrontend crashing

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Sun Dec 7 20:10:39 UTC 2008

May be related - try running on single CPU (affinity) only...that solves
some scanning problems

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Jack McGee wrote:
> Well, I did that, but it still won't run.
> Two things,
> 1) if I go into mythtv-setup I can step through all the screens, they
> have correct info, but it hangs on input sources when I fetch lineups
> from Schedule Direct.
> 2) frontend crashes when I enter any menu.

Well, this is weird to me.  I discovered if I drop the database, do not
restore, setup from scratch, everything works fine (well no history,
etc, so not really fine, but works).

I tried restoring the database again, deleting all capture cards, and
all video sources, but still hangs in mythv-setup when fetching lineups
from SchedulesDirect. Setup terminal says
DatadDirect Error Failed to get data (wget=http-username....

I guess I will try dropping the database, setting up from scratch and
see if I can partially restore the database.

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