[mythtv-users] VDPAU update from the front lines, December 2008

Lee Koloszyc teething12 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 7 11:57:03 UTC 2008

> Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 22:32:13 -0600
> From: mitchell.gore at gmail.com
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> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] VDPAU update from the front lines, December 2008
> Oh, yea...
> and the OSD is working great.
> I jut tried one of my 720p mkv's and it played with slight
> tearing....mplayer doesnt even play that with vdpau.  But most of that
> is suppose to be fixed for next driver release.
> Mitchell

I have to agree with you, VDPAU is working amazingly for coming out so recently.  I'm quite impressed  by it. I can use 5.1 sound with time stretch again, which I didn't have enough CPU for before.  The OSD is great, though on my box the video is choppy until the OSD goes away. It plays everything with ease. The tearing was minimized when I added 2x Basic deinterlacing.  


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