[mythtv-users] h.264 playback in MythTV

Glenn Sommer glemsom at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 08:20:12 UTC 2008


I've got DiscoveryHD that seems to send out the stream in h.264.
Using mythtv (0.21_p18314) I've captured a bit of a stream.

When trying to play it in MythTV I get artifacts...
I then tried playing the same file under mplayer - there it looks just
fine. No errors at all.
VLC play it fine as well.

I've tried different deinterlacers - but that does not seem to effect it at all.
The sample can be downloaded from: http://freeshells.ch/~glemsom/disc.mpeg

What could be causing this?

Kind Regard
Glenn Sommer

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