[mythtv-users] Exasperated: DD/DTS SPDIF works with everything *except* MythTV

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Sun Dec 7 07:19:18 UTC 2008

Gordon McLellan wrote:
> Kingsley:
> In Myth's playback setup, for movies at least, even with DD/DTS
> passthrough enabled, I never was able to get it to work that way.  My
> solution was to abandon myth's internal player in favor of mplayer.  I
> use the "-ac hwdts,hwac3, " option.  Note the extra comma - this is
> important, as it tells mplayer to try other encoding methods if dts or
> dd is not found.
Yeah, I hear you ...

Yesterday I tried setting up VLC to play DVDs, but it's just not as nice 
as the internal DVD player (when it works). 

I tried to go with mplayer first, but it had problems playing the very 
first DVD I tried, so I gave up quickly and went to VLC.  VLC always 
wants to pop-up it's GUI, which looks a bit ugly, and then none of the 
keys map to the same as myth, and it suddenly became a huge job to work 
it in, and I figured I'd rather sink the time into getting the "proper" 
DVD player to go.
> If you're talking about tv recordings, no idea to help you there - I
> didn't even realize there were options other than plain stereo.
Some of the HD TV we get here has DD5.1 sound, which will be great when 
it works ;)


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