[mythtv-users] graphics card memory needed for VDPAU & HDPVR

Moasat mythtv at moasat.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 5 20:16:51 UTC 2008

>	From: Lee Koloszyc
>	The one at microcenter is the one I am having problems with.
>	Anyways on newegg it says it comes with an hdtv cable (component out

>	cable), the one from microcenter doesn't. That is probably the
>	Also the fan is fairly quiet, not audible over my cpu fan:)

That card from newegg says it comes with an HDTV cable but the pitures of
the product and the specs say that it only has an s-video connector on the
back.  With only 4 pins in the s-video connector, you will not get component
video out of it.

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