[mythtv-users] Nvidia 8400GS PCI, High Xorg CPU, Tearing

Lee Koloszyc teething12 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 17:06:32 UTC 2008

Boleslaw Ciesielski wrote:
> I think the common wisdom is that the PCI bus does not have enough 
> bandwidth for HD if you are not using VDPAU. With VDPAU the video stream 
> passed to the card is still compressed, so it's fine.
> Bolek
It doesn't even play SD right though and I would think it would have 
enough bandwidth for that?
So the bandwith limit could be causing the high xorg cpu%?

Does anyone know the best way to get VDPAU up and running on a gentoo box?
I used the berkano overlay to get the new nvidia-drivers, but wasn't 
sure about ffmpeg and mythtv.


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