[mythtv-users] hardware question for PAL system

cosimo Rossi cosimofi74 at hotmail.it
Thu Dec 4 16:50:58 UTC 2008

>Hauppage are generally well supported cards under Linux and I've had no
>problems running the all-in-one and multiple tuner cards -
>I have used the HVR-1300
>(http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/products/data_hvr1300.html) in the past
>to receive analogue and digital terrestrial transmissions. The HVR-1400
>promises all the features you require but not sure about its support under
>Linux ?
>The other alternative is to have multiple cards ? say a DVB-S card, DVB-T
>card and a hybrid card...
>Dave K.

thanks for your information.
I would like to buy hvr4000 because I find a site in Italy where is possible 
to buy this card at 120euro VAT included (+ 10 euro for shipment).
In others site it's over 200 euro. 
Is a mistake ? 
Hauppauge Win Tv Hvr 4000 Vista comp. 32bit = 120 euro  (????How is possible???)
Hauppauge Win Tv Hvr 1300 Mce Edition = Euro 129,60

Hauppauge Win Tv Hvr 4000 Vista comp. 32bit and 
Are the the same hybrid card ? 

the site is http://www.microchips.it/cat174.htm.....

P.s: If is true I buy ten cards ! and then sell it on ebay. :-)

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