[mythtv-users] 2 Channel Audio Not Working-- Help

Nick Wilson vanilla.slimfast at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 17:38:23 UTC 2008

> Jason did you ever solve this?
> My new mythbuntu 8.10 frontend just stopped playing non-ac3, non-mpeg
> audio. It won't play xvid's encoded in mp3 anymore. It worked fine up
> until some time yesterday then it just stopped working and I can't get
> it to work again, but things I record that use ac3 or mpeg audio seem
> to play back fine.
> thanks!

What version of ALSA are you running?  I spent a lot of time messing around
with asound.conf changes trying to get PCM over SPDIF to work consistently,
including compiling and installing the latest version of ALSA (1.18a).  I
felt like an idiot when I finally discovered that there is a seperate slider
in alsamixer that controls the level of PCM volume over the SPDIF out
independent of the regular PCM volume on the analogue outputs.  In my case,
the volume slider was turned all the way down (which explains why my
receiver showed it was getting a digital signal but it was silent).  I don't
know at what point they introduced this in ALSA, as I don't recall the
slider being there in the stock version I was running before.

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