[mythtv-users] Getting OT - Backend PC Powersupply...is it broken?

greg greg12866 at nycap.rr.com
Wed Dec 3 15:01:37 UTC 2008

Ian Clark wrote:
> 2008/12/3 David Whyte <david.whyte at gmail.com 
> <mailto:david.whyte at gmail.com>>
>     Hi all,
>     [snip]
>     What are your thoughts on my problem here?  Broken PSU?  Broken PSU
>     causing more damage than just the PSU?  What should my next diagnostic
>     steps be?
> Instability and random crashing? Sounds like either memory or PSU to me.
> Initially I was going to say it sounds like your memory is going 
> wrong, but if you nolonger get any lights on the motherboard it's 
> almost definatly your PSU broken.
> My old server PSU did this, the server was off one day when I got home 
> from work, didn't think much to it and just restarted it. It lasted 
> about a week before being off permanently, and took out the 
> motherboard a bit when it finally went. (Well, it was never quite 
> right after that.)
> Your next step is to try a different PSU, either from a different 
> machine (within an equivalent or better PSU, don't try powering it 
> with an old P2 ATX PSU you've got lying around. :) ) I ended up buying 
> a cheapo ATX PSU for this purpose, they're always handy to have round 
> anyway.
> This may sound like overkil, but if a PSU goes badly it can take other 
> stuff with it too.
> If it does turn out to be your PSU then buy a decent replacement. Most 
> components in a modern computer can be bought cheap, but the PSU isn't 
> one of them. If it doesn't weigh a lot, don't buy it.
> Hope that's some use. :)
> Ian
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I agree it sounds like a PSU.. For me it's the #2 problem i have had in 
over 30 years using computers with #1 being hard drives. I once had a 
psu,blow and catch fire,lucky for me, i there in the room when it 
happened,it took out  the motherboard,and 4 hard drives...Cheap compared 
to loosing my house...

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