[mythtv-users] Schedule mythfilldatabase

Jason Gauthier jgauthier at lastar.com
Wed Dec 3 14:56:32 UTC 2008

>2008-12-03 01:59:51.280 I'm idle now... shutdown will occur in 600
>2008-12-03 02:00:02.627 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Monitor
>2008-12-03 02:00:02.633 adding: jgauthier-mythtv as a client (events:
>2008-12-03 02:09:50.772 CheckShutdownServer returned - OK to shutdown

>Should I just cron the thing once a day?  Or possibly my settings are
>not ideal.

>I just cron mine to run when I feel the computer will most likely be
on.   You watch the news at 10?  Kids watch the news in the >morning? 

I don't want it to run when the computer is being used.  It causes so
much overhead that is disrupts TV.  (as stated in my original post)

So, I have been making a movement to fix that.


>If you miss a day, it won't hurt it..

Right.. but I am missing everyday now.  I will just cron it.




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