[mythtv-users] TIVO Replacement, which card to choose.

Peter van der Does peter at ourvirtualhome.com
Wed Dec 3 14:22:18 UTC 2008

We decided to ditch TIVO, we weren't really using it and it got
annoying as TIVO sometimes did a 30 minute rewind by itself, anyway
that's not important.

Right now I'm looking to see if I can build a MythTV setup. 

What I'm looking for in the end result is a TIVO replacement, all we
used TIVO for was recording TV, we didn't use all the other stuff TIVO
offers. We don't need HD recording.

I guess the setup I'm looking for is:

Cable STB <--> MythTV --> TV

Hardware I have:
A old Dell Pentium 4 computer with broken videocard.

I might have to purchase a cheap video card for the initial setup. I
don't think I'll be able to find a Hauppauge PVR anymore so what would
be a good alternative?
Tivo used IR to change channels, the serial port on the STB doesn't work
and the STB doesn't have a firewire port.

If it means compiling drivers, kernels that isn't a problem.

Thanks in advance.

Peter van der Does

GPG key: E77E8E98

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