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Robin Hill myth at robinhill.me.uk
Wed Dec 3 09:04:02 UTC 2008

On Tue Dec 02, 2008 at 09:14:42PM -0500, jansenj wrote:

> > so the complete URL
> > will be something like:
> >    http://backend/mythweb/remote/?ping=frontend
> >
> > On my combined frontend/backend, calling this will give the current
> > status (e.g. Playback Video ......), whereas using an invalid frontend
> > hostname will give a "0".  The frontend name used here is (I think)
> > whatever's shown in the Frontends list on the remote screen.
> so, do you know what services in the frontend that would be
> responsible for replying to this ping?  like I said, I can telnet in
> and control, but this ping doesn't work
Reading through the mythweb code, it would appear to connect to the
telnet interface of the frontend.  It gets the frontend name & port via
the following SQL:

    SELECT s1.hostname, s2.data
    FROM settings AS s1, settings AS s2
    WHERE s1.hostname = s2.hostname
    AND s1.value = "NetworkControlEnabled"
    AND s1.data=1
    AND s2.value = "NetworkControlPort"
    ORDER BY s1.hostname

So you can try running that against the backend SQL database and check
the port & hostname are correct (though I'd expect other things to fail
if not).

Anyway, the "ping" command will connect to the interface (checking for a
'#' in the initial response), then it'll send a "query location"
request.  Your system would appear to be failing on the initial connect

Since this is connecting through from the backend (where mythweb is
running), have you tried telnetting from there to the frontend telnet
interface (rather than from your windows system)?

Hope some of that helps!

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