[mythtv-users] hybrid card configuration problem

nicola76b at libero.it nicola76b at libero.it
Wed Dec 3 08:14:09 UTC 2008

Hi all, (sorry for terrible english..)
after the temporary solution suggested 
from Rombert, new problems arise.
I've an hybrid hauppauge HVR-3000, and now, 
to watch dvb-t programs I created symlinks into new directory called 

This method works, but, I don't know why, if I use dvb-t, neighter 
dvb-s or analogic are configurable. Yes, I can see (and add) them in "capture 
card setup", but when I associate "new input connection" (also if I create new 
one) and I I'm going to search channels no one is found. If I don't setup dvb-t 
(I cancel all boards) and add only dvb-s and analogic, both work.


Thank you very much,

PS:in card setup, is possible 
cancel only ONE board? In my system, I can't see this option and every time I 
have to remove all card..

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