[mythtv-users] SUMMARY: Re: Finally (re-)took the plunge on trunk

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Wed Dec 3 07:15:12 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 22:44 -0800, Ian Forde wrote:
> Anyhoo - because I'm using original, pre-SPDIF firmware, and the latest
> firmware apparently isn't supported by the driver yet, can anyone point
> me to a firmware version that supports SPDIF that *IS* supported by
> Janne's driver?

And... continuing in the proud tradition of answering my own questions
via google 30 seconds after posting them to this list, I give thee this:


So the quick answers are:

1. Yes, you *can* use vmware with Windows to prep a HD-PVR
2. If you're going to use the hdpvr driver on CentOS, remove atrpms
ivtv-kmdl driver FIRST!!!
3. As of this date, the latest firmware version that works for me is  The version doesn't currently work for me with
the current iteration of Janne's driver.  But hey - no complaining about
using beta firmware with an Alpha driver, on 1st-release hardware on
svn-release code of myth.  Not from me, anyhow.  I'm just happy it
works.  I've taken my required SVN lumps for the night.  Tomorrow, I'll
play with VDPAU!

Oh - did I mention that I've got SPDIF audio working perfectly?  I love
my HD-PVR!


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