[mythtv-users] graphics card memory needed for VDPAU & HDPVR

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Wed Dec 3 00:51:59 UTC 2008

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>I have been reading about people's success with various nvidia 
>cards.  As I would need a PCI card in my machine I am interested in 
>experiences with a  GeForce 8400 card, VDPAU & HDPVR recordings.  It 
>seems like this would allow me to upgrade my via epia m10000 
>frontend.  My question is:  is 256MB sufficient or do I need a 512MB 
>card.  My understanding is the CPU speed/horsepower is not critical 
>for the decoding as it is all done on the card. The former can be 
>found fanless and PCI the latter not.  I'd prefer fanless but don't 
>want to drop $60 on something that won't be suitable.  Any advice 

Hi James:

This is what you want, but they are sold out at newegg. I must have 
gotten one of the last few ( :) ) but at least it will give you a 
part number/description to search.


The 256MB/512MB info is a little confusing. Reports under MythTV 
seems to need 512MB but it might be due to hogging GPU memory 
resources. Mplayer on the other hand seems just fine with 256MB. It's 
still early to know for sure. I got the 512MB version because it was 
only $10 more than the 256MB version.


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