[mythtv-users] VDPAU w/HD-PVR and more

Mark markhsa at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 1 20:23:12 UTC 2008

Steve Heistand wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Dec 2008 11:15:14 -0500, Matt S. wrote
>> Couple of questions:
>> 1) Has anyone tested VDPAU in trunk with recordings from the HD-PVR?
>> How well does it perform since from what I've read, the h.264 encoding
>> from and hd-pvr is slightly different/unique.  Does it offload
>> properly to the GPU with VDPAU and are the any benchmarks?
>> 2) How do the temps look on the video cards with and without VDPAU
>> usage?  Obviously the majority of us want passively cooled video
>> cards, and I'm just curious how hot the suckers get when running
>> different codecs/samples on the GPU using VDPAU versus XV.
> I do 720p 6mbit hdpvr recordings and they all worked fine
> in my test of vdpau. I didnt notice any visual differences
> (other then the OSD thing) but I didnt use it extensively
> since it has issues with my mkv files.
> nor did I bother checking temps on the card.
> "Why is it so hot inside this handbasket?"
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Aside from compiling trunk with support for VDPAU, how is it 
Do the Beta Nvidia drivers also need to be installed?

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