[mythtv-users] capturing DVB-T MPEG-4 streams

Frank Lynch frank.lynch at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 16:06:44 UTC 2008

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Arthur Green <arthur at phraction.org> wrote:

> Frank Lynch wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > I understand it they are using DVB-T with MPEG-4 in Ireland[1], I
> > believe that France uses MPEG-4 for HD DVB transmission and that MPEG-4
> > is also used with DVB in Estonia, Norway, Poland & India. I'm hoping
> > that I can use a pretty standard DVB-T usb stick to capture one of these
> > streams. If your in one of those countries and have are capturing MPEG-4
> > with DVB can you please reply as  I'd love to hear about what your using
> > ( I'm about to purchase hardware). Ideally I'm looking for a
> > recommendation for a DVB usb stick as I'd like to run the server in a
> > msi wind or eee box.
> I'm another Ireland-based MythTV user and hence am in a similar position
> to Frank. The requirements document for the receivers says that the
> transport stream is ISO/IEC 13818-1[3] and a video profile/level of
> ISO/IEC 14496-10[6]: High Profile @ L4.0. Audio will be ISO/IEC
> 14496-3[7] (HE-AACv1). As far as I can tell, this is MPEG-4 with H.264.
> The mythtv wiki has an article on the Terratec Hybrid XS (link is
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Terratec_Hybrid_XS). The author
> says that he had the unit working with the trials in Dublin, but since
> the article dates from 2006, I don't know if it's still applicable. The
> closest match I can find on Terratec's web site is a Cinergy T USB XXS
> HD, which at €60 might be worth trying. According to Terratec's web
> site, it can handle MPEG-4/H.264.

I'm leaning towards agreeing with David on this one: the listed codecs
probably refer to the software that they ship for windows with the stick.
I'm hoping that any DVB-T reciever can recieve the MPEG-4 stream.

> I'm not sure however if I'll get a good signal without a rooftop
> antenna, as my home doesn't face towards the transmitter.

I understand that they are broadcasting at 50 killowatts, so you might be
able to get away with a simple indoor antenna. (thats what I'm going to try

> This might do
> for the trials, but I don't know how it will fare with the production
> service, which I presume will require a card of some sort.
> Seeing as how this device has been got to work with Linux (see
> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2008-March/024280.html), I'm
> tempted to give this a go.
I'm thinking that I'll try a Hauppage Nova-T usb stick. From what I've read
that sounds like  the DVB card thats the most commonly used with mythtv.
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