[mythtv-users] FiOS and Windowing

Ivan Kowalenko kichigaimentat at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 08:24:59 UTC 2008

On Nov 30, 2008, at 16.27, Greg Mitchell wrote:

> Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
>> when I'm doing nothing EXCEPT watching TV. I'm wondering if there's
>> some kind of super-secret short-cut for switching to a native-res  
>> full-
>> screen mode? I'd be OK with going through the settings to change it,
>> except I can't type in the res settings. All I can do is increase or
> Uncheck "Use GUI size for TV Playback" second page of the "Appearance"
> settings.  My wife does this all the time on our mac.
> That makes it go full screen for playback, and you don't have to be
> monkeying with the resolution.

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

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