[mythtv-users] Transcode from HD to SD, what settings?

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 06:16:17 UTC 2008

Here are the settings I am using to transcode for S-Video output:

Lossless transcoding -- not checked
Resize video while transcoding -- checked
Width: Auto
Height: 480
Codec: MPEG-4
bitrate 1500
Max quality 2 (default)
Min quality 15 (default)
Max quality difference between frames 3 (default)
Scale bitrate for frame size -- not checked
Enbale high quality encoding -- not checked (I don't understand this
one so left it unchecked to save CPU cycles)
Enable 4mb encoding -- not checked (I don't understand this one o left
it unchecked to save CPU cycles))
Enable interlaced DCT encoding -- not checked (experimental)
Enable interlaced motion estimate -- not checked (experimental)
Number of threads 1
Codec MP3
Sample rate 3200
MP3 quality: 1
Volume 90

I use this to encode my Jepordy shows.  We watch them in order but
late.  We presently have 19 stored, for example.  At 3.6G per show
that was a significant amount of disk space.  They now use about 400MB
and look fine.  The output for this is a 37 inch CRT with S-Video
input,  I saw no reason to encode at any size other than 480 height. I
use zoom to fill the screen and cut off the edges but this setting
still gives me the full height for the CRT.

If this goes well, I will start encoding my wife's cooking shows.  She
presently has a backlog of 22 American Test Kitchen, again a lot of
disk space.

If anyone knows something stupid I am doing, I would love to know
about it.  If not, then maybe this will help the next person.


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