[mythtv-users] No sound for H.264 with AAC codec - Please Help!!

Kevin Wambsganz wambs at verizon.net
Sun Aug 31 19:06:01 UTC 2008



I have compiled Mythtv trunk on my frontend system (SuSE 11.0) and configure
it using the following options, 


configure --enable-libfaac --enable-libfaad

make -j 2

make install


The HD-PVR is set to PCM output, The capture card configuration audio is set
to spif.


I have the following installed:


rpm -q libfaad2_0 libfaac0 faac faac






But no sound I have the following error in the Myth log:


Do I need to enable something in the Gnome window system? 


Thanks for your help!!!!



2008-08-31 14:01:59.778 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:

2008-08-31 14:02:00.319 AFD: Opened codec 0x1b9a070, id(H264) type(Video)

2008-08-31 14:02:00.319 AFD: codec AAC has 2 channels

2008-08-31 14:02:00.320 AFD Error: Could not find decoder for codec (AAC),

2008-08-31 14:02:00.512 NVP: Disabling Audio, params(-1,-1,-1)

2008-08-31 14:02:00.512 No codec context. Returning false

2008-08-31 14:02:00.616 VideoOutputXv: XVideo Adaptor Name: 'NV17 Video

2008-08-31 14:02:00.798 OSD Theme Dimensions W: 640 H: 480

2008-08-31 14:02:01.481 TV: Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV

2008-08-31 14:02:01.481 New DB connection, total: 4

2008-08-31 14:02:01.484 Realtime priority would require SUID as root.

2008-08-31 14:02:01.485 No codec context. Returning false

2008-08-31 14:02:01.508 No codec context. Returning false

2008-08-31 14:02:01.523 No codec context. Returning false


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