[mythtv-users] Pvr-350 input/output quality

Ian Armstrong mail01 at iarmst.co.uk
Sun Aug 31 10:19:13 UTC 2008

On Saturday 30 Aug 2008, Jason Gauthier wrote:
> All,
>      I've got a rig with a PVR-350.  I'm just now setting this up in a
> new system.  Once I got the first TV out, I was surprised. The quality
> of what I am seeing is heinous.   It looks as if every other line is
> almost missing.  If I had to describe it's like interlaced, but worse.

Check your recording profile to make sure you're not simply capturing at a low 

If you're not using the PVR350 MPEG decoder for output, check the video 
playback profile. Some deinterlace settings (ie Bob) produce hideous results 
with the PVR350. In most cases setting the deinterlacer to 'none' will work 


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