[mythtv-users] mythfrontend HDTV performance on recent AMD chipsets (was Re: X2 5000 enough to play HD?)

Chris Porter hoodlum7 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 21:10:45 UTC 2008

On Thursday 28 August 2008 01:13:59 pm David Murphy wrote:
> Chris Porter wrote:
> > I am running a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H with an X2 4200 and 2GB of RAM and
> > a Nvidia 6600 GPU w/ proprietary drivers. HD play back is excellent. CPU
> > utilization is almost nothing playing back 720p or 1080i video via
> > firewire.
> I was wondering if you could be more specific when you say "almost
> nothing"?  Could you give me some average values for 1080i playback?
> I get smooth playback w/ slim and cpu++ but cpu % still seems quite high
> for me.  I certainly couldn't describe it as "almost nothing".

Watching 720P content  my cpu is ~83% idle. granted it is an X2 4200.
When watching 1080i content my cpu is ~74% idle.

I am using CPU++ playback profile.

my xorg.conf contains the following settings

    Option         "AddARGBGLXVisuals"   "True"
    Option         "NoLogo"  "True"
    Option         "RenderAccel" "True"
    Option         "UseEDID"   "FALSE"
    Option         "ConnectedMonitor"   "TV"
    Option         "TvOutFormat"  "COMPONENT"
    Option          "TVStandard"  "HD1080i"
    Option          "metamodes"   "1920x1080,1280x720,720x480,640x480"

I have the Extension Composite enabled

> High Quality and Normal playback profiles are literally 1 fps slide
> shows which makes me wonder exactly what kind of hardware is supposed to
> be capable of using them.
> I was  using a Sempron 3400 on this board and upgraded the cpu to the x2
> 5000 when i upgraded to Mythdora 5 from MD4.  I expected to see
> substantially less cpu utilization on the new 5000 but the load seems
> only marginally less even though I no longer have any minor hiccups w/
> 1080i content.  All kinds of software changes so it is not exactly an
> A/B comparison but it kind of feels like no matter how much horsepower I
> throw at my frontend it always finds a way to use all of it while doing
> the same thing it did before.

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