[mythtv-users] Network storage fault tolerance (was Re: Myth autoexpiring brand new shows)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Aug 27 07:07:19 UTC 2008

On 08/27/2008 01:58 AM, David Brodbeck wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> For me the hanging part works, but the "until it comes back," doesn't 
>> when there's a reboot of the server involved.  When the server comes 
>> back, it continues to hang.  I have to unmount (which gives errors 
>> because the server "isn't there"--even if it is).  Then, eventually, I 
>> just remount, and it works (though sometimes it seems to show multiple 
>> connections in the nfs *tab files).
> Huh, odd.  It seems to work OK on reboot on the cluster at work, 
> although sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the machines to 
> notice the server is back.

Yeah, now I'm thinking there's a problem with the statd NSM reboot 
notification message passing on my systems.  At least now I know how 
it's supposed to work (which makes figuring out how to make it work a 
lot easier).

> NFS behavior varies somewhat from OS to OS and version to version, 
> though.  It's just part of the 'fun' of it.

Oh, that's "fun," is it?  I didn't realize that.  :)

Thanks for the input.  This is the one issue that's been really annoying 
me on my Myth setup.


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