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Nate Bargmann n0nb at n0nb.us
Tue Aug 26 11:38:22 UTC 2008

* Thom Paine <painethom at gmail.com> [2008 Aug 26 06:07 -0500]:

> Everything at our service is on a UPS, and we have a deisel generator
> to run the station during longer outtages. The station itself was
> struck directly, blew out one of our 911 phone lines, jumped from
> phone wires in the electrical room to CAT5 wiring, blew random ports
> out of the switches, knocked out my one Cisco router, then proceeded
> to use the ethernet to take out 14 desktops, 2 laptops, knock out 6
> external security cameras, the dvr that records the externals (luckily
> the internal cameras for the cellblock were ok), the dvr for the
> interview room, the satellite receivers, our two main radio termals
> (we dispatch police, fire, and transfer ambulance 911 calls to a
> larger centre).

Sounds like you need some "PC lightning protectors", a.k.a. Avaya VoIP
phones.  At least that's the nickname those phones have acquired at my
company.  It seems as though they'll get wiped out but the PC survives
intact (the PC's Ethernet connection daisy-chains through the phone).

> It was quite a strike, and we have insurance coverage
> that will take care of most of this. The issue we have is that
> insurance won't pay the $5k for a new recording unit when the original
> bill of sale is $600. I thought of myth, but made no mention about it
> until I got some feedback on here.

Google "single point ground".  With radios and antennas leading into
your equipment room along with your computer equipment, and incoming
telco service it's really the best way to minimize lightning impact. 
One of the best guides is from Polyphasor Corporation who also
(arguably) make the best surge protectors in the business.  Combine
their info with the National Electrical Code and local codes along with
BICSI recommendations (which parallel the Polyphasor info) to harden
your site against lightning and other electrical surges.


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