[mythtv-users] Myth autoexpiring brand new shows

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Aug 26 06:31:41 UTC 2008

On 08/26/2008 02:10 AM, Enigma wrote:

>  Kevin wrote:
> > I think a good question to answer is why, within the space of 30
> > minutes, is enough disk space being taken up on that drive that you
> > are bumping against the 22GB reserve 4 times (roughly once every
> > ten minutes).
>  Obviously, because there are recordings happening.
> > MythTV will show you what it is considering for auto-expiration and
> > in what order on the System Status screen in the Frontend.
>  If you read my original post, I mention that there are hundreds of
>  items on the auto-expire list that precede the recordings in
>  question.  My auto expire is set to only consider age.  My issue is
>  that they are not being expired in this order.

They sure are.  You're forgetting about the fact that the "hundreds" of 
items on the auto-expire list that precede the recordings in question 
are on other filesystems (where deleting them would be a waste, as it 
would mean hundreds of recordings must be deleted before a deletion 
actually makes space available for the new recording).  If you would 
prefer that Myth deletes all of those, too, let me know and I'll make a 
patch specifically for you.

> > Also, if you don't want stuff to expire, don't mark it for
> > expiration.
>  Surely you can see the difference between wanting my oldest programs
>  to expire and having recent programs expire instead.  I never said I
>  didn't want these programs to expire, I just don't want them to
>  expire before their time.  Your remark adds nothing to the
>  conversation and is counter-productive.

Surely you would prefer to figure it out for yourself than get help from 
knowledgeable people on the list--at least that's the only reason I can 
think of for you to insult a person who was trying to help (and, who 
happens to be a MythTV dev who knows MythTV very well).

But, in case I'm wrong about your wanting to figure it out for yourself, 
I'll mention that one potential approach for "fixing" this issue was 
provided in this thread and it all comes down to a misconfiguration of 
your system.


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