[mythtv-users] Issues with MyMote

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 23:48:11 UTC 2008

I just downloaded MyMote from the App store and am having issues. There's
already an open bug with the same issues I'm having (
http://trac2.assembla.com/mymote/report/1) and I a) Don't want to post a
duplicate and b) Want to see if it's an actual bug or just an issue with my
setup. Hope this isn't too off-topic for the list but I'm not sure where
else to post it. Here's my problem:

I have a combined FE/BE as my main Myth machine, running MythBuntu 7.10
upgraded to Myth 0.21 via standard repos. I can connect to it from MythTV
Player in Windows and have connected to it from OS X and Mythbuntu FEs in
the past, although neither of these machines are around anymore. I'm running
a local DNS domain (Win2K3 Server) of jerkychew.local and can ping my FE/BE
by name (magic or magic.jerkychew.local) from other machines at my house. I
am running a non-jailbroken 32GB iPod touch over standard wide-open WiFi.
Finally, the RR GH Myth remote app does work without issue - The key
bindings sometimes take a few seconds to load but I'm blaming that on the
app at this point.

When I installed the app it auto-detected my backend, and then after a few
seconds loaded the name of the frontend ("magic"). I tried to connect but it
sat at the retrieving key bindings screen forever. Eventually it said that
the key bindings couldn't be loaded and it would load the defaults.
Eventually I received an error stating that the remote control connection to
the Mythtv frontend has received an error. I went back and manually added
the BE by IP. Same behavior. I went to the override section of the FE (After
battling the constant popups telling me it was connecting... / select
frontend...) and entered the IP, but the behavior was the same. I also tried
"magic.jerkychew.local", nothing.

I ensured that I could telnet to the machine on the port specified in the
wiki and as I said above, RR GH works. I went into the two wifi connections
of my iPod and set the search domain to jerkychew.local, no luck. One oddity
of my network is that when I type hostname on the BE/FE I get just "magic"
and not "magic.jerkychew.local". I tried changing the hostname to the FQDN
and rebooting but everything blew up - I could no longer watch live tv. So,
I changed it back, rebooted, and Myth recuperated.

I'm out of ideas and would love some input. If the local hostname really is
an issue I suppose I can rename it, reboot and figure out what the heck is
wrong but like I said earlier, other FEs have no problem connecting and RR
GH works without issue.

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