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>> Hadn't thought of PCIe, guess I'm living in the past with the 133Mhz.
>> 64-bit bus architecture.
> PCI-X will work as well but it will require a more expensive server
> board. I guess if you are going to spend $2000 US or more  on 20 hard
> drives you can afford a $500 US mobo though but I would say these make
> no effort to conserve power.

This older board would be an interesting choice, except that it is built
for the previous generation of CPUs: 

I originally considered it as a backend board because of all the PCI slots
for tuner cards plus a PCI-X slot for an Acard 533 MB/s PCI-X ATA card.

However, looking at the same brand of up to date boards, this one might be
a possibility:

It has four PCI-X slots a 4x PCIe and an 8x PCIe, plus dual gigabit LAN
and six SATA ports.   However, I have no experience as to how well it
works.  It's based on the Intel 3210 northbridge.  It is $270 instead of

SuperMicro has some other interesting offerings in the same general price

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813182144  Here's
another 3210 based board with 4 PCI slots, 2 PCI-X slots and an 8x PCI-e
slot, plus dual gigabit again.   Might be an interesting board for a back
end with with four tuner cards, two PCI-X SATA cards, plus maybe another
SATA card in the PCI-e slot.  I'm not sure one CPU would be enough
processing power for all that though.

The latter two mentioned boards both have open box versions at Newegg down
around $170 - $180.

Jeff Walther

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