[mythtv-users] Input stops working in HD LiveTV

Jason spuppet at comcast.net
Tue Aug 19 20:11:30 UTC 2008

Hi Steve,

> just a WAG but in the mythtv-setup section on the tuner in question
> there are timeout values for tuning and such. crank them up a bunch
> and see if that helps.
> no real logical reason for this but more of my normal off on a tangent
> kind of thinking.

I can give that a try when I get home tonight.  But, won't that only
effect tuning of channels, though?  I'm not having any trouble getting
video from the backend, and I would be very confused if the tuning
timeouts for the tuners on the backend have anything to do with keyboard
input on the frontend.  But, I've been surprised like that more than once.


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