[mythtv-users] HD Homerun question about both tuners

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Aug 19 19:11:58 UTC 2008

Alan Murrell wrote:
> Dan Ritter wrote:
>> No settop boxes are involved with the HDHR at all. You plug
>> coax connections into each tuner. You can use an antenna or a
>> cable feed for either.
> Can a single HD feed be split off, like it can with analog cable, or 
> would I have to get multiple feeds?  If it can be split off, I could 
> then put it into both tuners on the HD Homerun and record off of both, 
> or, do what I do now with the digital cable:
>    - Single feed coming in from cable provider to 4-way splitter
>    - 4-way splitter to:
>      a.) cable modem (for Internet)
>      b.) digital settop box (which i use to watch TV)
>      c.) Two feeds to PVR-500 for recording TV (no digital channels 
> though; just analog)
> Also, I seem to recall that the HD Homerun will not decrypt any 
> channels; that would have to be done by the settop box provided by the 
> cable company; the HD Homerun will only let you record "clear" channels, 
> whether HD or not... is that recollection correct?

I think you may be mistaking what these units do.

Your Shaw Cable set top box will tune to the correct channel and decrypt 
the stream. It's output is the decrypted stream. You can record it 
depending on its outputs: firewire, component etc. If it only has 
component output (which is actually 3 analog feeds) then the only way to 
record it is to use the Hauppauge HD-1212...which does an analog-digital 
conversion. Firewire would be straight digital. If you are lucku you may 
have HDMI, but it may be HDCP crippled.

An HDHomeRun is a tuner + ATSC decoder with a network output. The inputs 
are from an OTA antenna, or digital cable...unencrypted. You may be able 
to feed your HDHR from your cable, but that depends upon whether Shaw 
sends any unencrypted digital channels. Rogers in Toronto used to, until 
July 2007, then made all digital channels encrypted. I now use an 
antenna for OTA HD reception. It would be worth your while to see if 
Shaw sends any unencrypted digital (BTW, the digital radio streams are 
likely unencrypted.)

Your STB will have only ONE tuner and only ONE output.


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