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Michael Tiller michael.tiller at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 15:15:33 UTC 2008

Frankly, I'm about ready to give up on the PVR-150 approach simply
because mode2 gives me *nothing* so I think there is something
fundamentally wrong. :-(

So my main interest is in alternatives at this point.


On 8/19/08, Paul Clark <battledean at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using a couple of Hauppauge Nova-T on my Ubuntu box and the IR was
> the most time consuming and fiddly thing to get working, but I have it
> working perfectly now.  I started out following Garry Parker's guide
> http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_ubuntu2.php and supplemented it with my
> own research.  Might be worth giving this a shot?
> Good luck, Paul
> 2008/8/19 Michael Tiller <michael.tiller at gmail.com>:
>> I did a clean install of Ubuntu and MythTV last weekend.  Wow, things have
>> come a long way since I first started.  I had everything I needed out of
>> the
>> box!  Great work.
>> Anyway, everything is working great (generally better than before) except
>> that for some reason my PVR-150 IR receiver isn't working.  I've run all
>> the
>> diagnostics I can all the way down to running "mode2" and I don't get
>> anything.  Lirc is running and it sees my Hauppauge IR receiver just fine.
>> Anyway, that isn't the point of the email...just some background to
>> explain
>> my motivation.
>> Frankly, this remote thing has been a thorn in my side for a long time so
>> I'd like to "revisit" this.  I was using the PVR-150 but LIRC is a bit of
>> a
>> hassle and the RC-5 only limitation of the PVR-150 is a really annoying
>> aspect as well.  So, I'm wondering what my options are here.  I don't want
>> to spend much money, but I'm just wondering what other people use.
>> I have an HDHomerun and my fallback would be to move that into the living
>> room and use the IR pickup on that.  It seems quite solid and it doesn't
>> seem to have the RC-5 limitation either.  For various "connectivity"
>> reasons, moving the HDHomerun may be impractical so I'm keeping that my
>> fallback.
>> One thing I noticed in playing with HDHomerun (what a cool piece of
>> hardware
>> that is!) was the "UDP" aspect of LIRC.  That is pretty neat.  What other
>> devices use UDP?  I assume the UDP data that is being sent is fairly low
>> level IR information so I would think that talking with LIRC that way
>> would
>> be pretty hard unless you were feeding it data directly from an IP pickup.
>> I don't want to build my own IR receiver (I want to go in completely the
>> opposite direction...I don't have that kind of time).  An ideal solution
>> would be a simple, cheap USB based device but when I've looked at those in
>> the past it always seemed like there was some issue with LIRC and some USB
>> devices (IrDa?).
>> I saw this thing from IguanaWorks.  Anybody have any experience with this?
>> Another thing I considered were "high-end" mice or mini-keyboards using
>> RF.
>> For example, at work we have a little USB device for operating PowerPoint
>> remotely.  I wonder how effective this would be for MythTV?  Another thing
>> I've considered is "gyroscopic" mice.  Anybody used those with MythTV?
>> Basically, I'm interested in finding out all the options.  Surely there
>> are
>> some very nice non-PVR-150 solutions out there so I'd like to hear what
>> they
>> are.
>> Thanks
>> --
>> Mike
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