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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the quick response.
I'm not that hung up on being able to change the channel through MythTV since I can just as easily just change it on the STB and that would change the input to MythTV (I really just want to be able to record from the STB.)
When you did manage to capture the IPTV stream using MythTV did you then just connect the ethernet cable to the MythTV box or did you use the capture card?


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Hello nisbus,

I have an amino IPTV STB hooked up to my MythTV system.  I use a hauppauge PVR-500 PCI card to capture the video signal.  And I use an IR blaster to change the channels on the STB.

Idealy MythTV should be able to capture the IPTV streams directly off your provider's network.  My provider refuses to allow this though.  They insist MythTV is not compatible with their system.  I know this is not true though.  I was able to capture the IPTV stream using MythTV.  But I could not change the channel (I could only capture whatthe STB was displaying).
Ryan Patterson

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 7:42 AM, Valdimar Kristjánsson <vk at eleanetwork.com> wrote:


I've just gotten an old PC that I've setup Ubuntu 8.04 and MythTV 0.20.
The PC is a 1.2 GHz machine with 500MB RAM and no capture card.

I also have an Amino STB which I would like to be able to record from using MythTV.

What are my options in connecting the STB to the computer so that MythTV can do something with it?
Do I need to connect the STB and the MythTV machine to a router so they can communicate or should I just remove the ethernet cable from the STB and connect it straight to the PC?

Do I need to get a capture card to receive video/audio from the STB through composite/S-Video?
I'm a complete noob at this but I'm fairly good with computers in general (a programmer.)

What I basically want to be able to do is turn on my MythTV box and have all the channels from the STB available from there, with recording capabilities.



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