[mythtv-users] Myth not calling channel change script

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 04:07:16 UTC 2008

On 17/08/2008, Kye Macdonald <kyemacdonald at gmail.com> wrote:
>  First install I had all the channels installed and worked with guide
>  etc.  Split into two groups of Free to Air and Foxtel.  Channel changing
>  works fine on the DVB-T half of the card and it moves from Digital or
>  Analogue fine.  Analogue input is fine and I have sound and picture from
>  the foxtel STU.
>  My only problem is that I cannot get Myth to call the script to send the
>  signal through the IR Blaster.  Command line works fine - ie "irsend
>  send_once sky select" works fine as does the script.
>  #!/bin/sh
>  /usr/bin/irsend SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME select
>  for digit in $(echo $1 | sed -e 's/./& /g'); do
>  /usr/bin/irsend SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME $digit
>  done
>  /usr/bin/irsend SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME select
>  I have it sending the select before and after to remove the chance of a
>  2 digit entry forcing a wait on the foxtel box.  It runs fine from
>  terminal either with a channel supplied or not.
>  To ensure its not a lirc problem I have also tried this script in its place
>  #!/bin/sh
>  date >> ~/test_script_output.log
>  But that file is never created...
>  permissions on the script are
>  -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 217 2008-08-17 11:55 change_foxtel2.sh
>  When I run Mythfrontend with full verbose this is all I can find
>  regarding the channel change.

Channel tuning happens through mythbackend, so check the mythbackend
logfile for related messages. A successful channel change via a script
should look something like:

2008-08-16 13:47:02.217 External Tuning program exited with no error

Ensure you put the full path to the tuning script in the external
channel change script configuration item for the analogue videosource,
and ensure that all channels on that videosource have the correct
freqid (you can verify this using the channel editor).

Extra verbose logging of mythbackend with the channel and record
targets may reveal additional info.

Nick Morrott

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