[mythtv-users] Accessing mythweb from outside internal network

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Aug 13 19:13:48 UTC 2008

Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 08:36:01AM -0600, Brian Wood wrote:
>> If you want to run a server and get decent upstream speed I'd look into
>> a business account with Comcast.
> Well, Brian, you're not *usually* prone to silly answers; bad week?  :-)
> Twice the monthly rate just to program the DVR remotely seems a bit OTT...

If it was twice the rate I'd probably forget it too, but in my case it's
not that pricey, and I need to not have port 25  blocked as I run a mail

My ISP blocks port 25 on all residential accounts, and scans port 80,
anyone running a web server gets a nasty letter suggesting they talk to
the business account reps :-)

Data service here in Cheyenne seems to be cheaper than most locations,
OTOH they charge $39.95/month for VIOP phone service, which is way too
high IMHO, I get that service from Net2Phone for $14/month.

Interesting, N2P is who the cable company uses to provide VOP service,
talk about a high profit margin.


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