[mythtv-users] Anyone else in Canada with HDTV on Myth?

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Wed Aug 13 03:54:54 UTC 2008

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Craig Treleaven wrote:
>>> My understanding in this area is pretty limited still so am I correct in saying that for me to get HDTV going here the best I can get is basically higher quality analog?
>> Etiquette on this list frowns on top-posting.
>> I'm in Oakville using an HDHomerun.  I get my HD via OTA--lots of people get ~20 channels with an outdoor antenna (and NO monthly fees)!  I have the second tuner connected to Cogeco cable.  They're nice enough to provide 30+ digital QAM channels that mirror many of the analog offerings.  No HD but Family for the kids, etc.
> I'm in Clarkson just east of Oakville. I get SD analog from Rogers. NO 
> QAM. They killed that last July. Instead I have a large ChannelMaster 
> antenna, presently in the attic but about to go onto a pole beside the 
> chimney, and an HDHomeRun for HD. I get about 20 channels but not all of 
> them always. Unfortunately, the angle between the rhumb line to Grand 
> Island for the US stations and the rhumb line to the CN Tower is about 
> 85 degrees, so the Cdn stations get shortchanged. I may add a separate 
> antenna for that, but it will mean using an amp to isolate the antennas, 
> I think,
> No special firewire or IR blaster required with this setup.
> When channels are 'on' the picture is spectacular. The Olympics is 
> pretty awesome in HD...
I am in Brampton, with a CM 4228 antenna on my garage, using an HDHR, 
and I get 14 channels rock solid, there are a few other channels, but 
nothing I care about. My antenna is pointed pretty much straight at 
Grand Island ( I remounted it and guessed at the position, I guessed 
right) and I get everything reliably except CFTO, for some reason. I've 
never been able to get it. I agree, the Olympics in HD are insane. 
That's actually what got me into OTA HD, a friend of mine had it setup 
for the Winter Olympics in 06, and I was in awe, and made it a goal to 
get it working. I'd say half of what we record now is in HD, if I could 
get Discovery and TLC OTA I'd be closer to 99%... :)

I do have a pre-amp, since I am driving both tuners on the HDHR with the 
antenna. I think it's a CM 7777.


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