[mythtv-users] Bitrate/quality on PVR-150

Nick Bright boberz at thewatch.org
Tue Aug 12 12:23:56 UTC 2008

Scott Traurig wrote:
> I have done extensive testing of PVR-150 et al settings in the interests of
> better quality. I can confidently say that you should run it at 6MBPS
> avg/8MBPS peak for 720x480 capture. Any less and motion artifact gets bad.
> Any more and no improvement can be noted. The best way to test this is to
> watch the crawl line on CNN et al followed by some sports like basketball.
> Quite frankly encoder quality for Myth sucks compared to Tivo or STB DVR
> appliances. It is Myth's biggest weakness (after the fact that mere mortals
> need not try to set it up!) Decoder quality is awesome as anyone can see
> from playing DVDs, but the PVR series of tuners and encoders are terrible.
> It's bad with straight video in from a STB (composite or s-video) and worse
> with the tuner. You might not notice if you've never owned a commercial DVR
> or DVD recorder but I have and the difference is dramatic.
> Do we have any better choices for tuner/encoders yet?
So if I'm reading what you're saying here, the problem (in your opinion) 
is that the PVR-150 is a sub-par card?

I haven't played with my bitrate settings yet, but to be honest I have 
been disappointed with the image quality vs cable straight to my TV.

 - Nick
> Scott
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