[mythtv-users] HD playback - 2nd picture appears after a few seconds

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Mon Aug 11 17:38:41 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've previously had BBC HD working nicely in Mythtv.  I don't watch much 
on HD, but when I went to watch it today, it started up fine and then 
after a few seconds of playback a second "copy" of the video appeared in 
the top left of the screen.  It takes up approx 1/4 of the total screen 
area and is an exact copy of the HD video that is being played.  Both 
copies of the video play ok, but the 1/4 size copy blocks out part of 
the full size video.

I've no idea what I've changed to cause this to happen - it only happens 
on BBC HD (I dont have any other HD channels to test with).  It happens 
everytime, and one it's started, the only fix is to exit the player and 
start watching again.  Seeking in the video works ok and both copies of 
the video seek.

The HD programs I've recorded playback fine on my other frontend (same 
mythtv version), so it's not a problem in the recorded stream.

I'm not sure where to start looking for what is wrong.  Has anyone else 
seen this problem?

I'll see what info I can get out of the Mythfrontend logs, but any 
pointers as to what debug flags to pass or where to look and what to 
check would be appreciated.

System is Gentoo Linux + mythtv-0.21_p17722
Nvidia drivers version 173.14.12 for a GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i


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