[mythtv-users] Dish Network, MythTV not recording - Part 2

Rodney Myers rdmyers at mtpalomar.net
Mon Aug 11 01:50:25 UTC 2008

On Aug 10, 2008, at 6:18 PM, Mitch Gore wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 8:02 PM, Rodney Myers  
> <rdmyers at mtpalomar.net> wrote:
>> On Aug 10, 2008, at 6:12 AM, Rodney Myers wrote:
>>> On Aug 9, 2008, at 7:31 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>>> You need to connect you STB to your PVR card via RCA cables or
>>>>> S-video.  Then set up a IR Blaster to change the channels on the  
>>>>> STB.
>>>>> Then change you input connections so your Dish box is connected  
>>>>> to the
>>>>> appropriate input.
>>>> Or, if nothing else, just put /bin/true in for your channel change
>>>> script for the video source in mythtv-setup.  Then, the channel  
>>>> change
>>>> will not fail (but will do exactly nothing--so you'll see the  
>>>> need for
>>>> the IR transmitter).
>>>> Mike
>>> Thank you. I will run mythtv-setup again, and set it to the above.
>> It took me about 30 minutes, to find the correct place to input  
>> this info.
>> Now that I have attempted to record on a higher numbered channel,  
>> nothing in
>> the log files, "Backend Status" claims to be recording, and away we  
>> go.
>> Many thanks.
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> So you plan on turning the channel manually to the show you want to
> record everytime?  Kinda defeats the purpose of a DVR.  Plus a huge
> hassle.  Getting an IR blaster will actually unleash the power of
> MythTV or DVR of anykind.
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I only use the MythTV box to record, so I have the Dish receiver do  
all of the tuning, so to answer your question, yes, manually tune.
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