[mythtv-users] Just a random thanks to the devs

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Sat Aug 9 18:44:42 UTC 2008

5 years after starting to use MythTV (after a brief flirtation with
Freevo) and it's still running wonderfully.  Upgraded the kernel on my
MBE yesterday 1 hour before the Olympics Opening Ceremony, installed the
Atrpms video4linux-ivtv-kmdl RPMS which weren't available for CentOS 5.2
for a while, got 1 of my tuners back in use, and I'm in DVR heaven.

1 * HD 3000, 2 * PVR-150 (direct feed), 1 * PVR-250 (DCT-2000), 1 *
Firewire (DCT-6200), 400GB drive (to which I might add a few hundred
gigs today during the 2-hour window between 6-8PM PDT when nothing is
recording), and the grooviness continues.  I just told it to record
*EVERYTHING* then locked out a few that I didn't want to watch...

Thank you all.

	-I (am loving this.) ;)

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