[mythtv-users] Home Automation + MythTV/Linux

Jason Antman jason at jasonantman.com
Thu Aug 7 18:37:48 UTC 2008

Graham Mitchell wrote:
> A serial port is what they call a legacy port these days... and the
> new intel chipsets don't support those... along with parallel ports
> (sigh), PS2 ports, and IDE ports. Thank goodness you can get PCI cards
> with parallel ports - going to need a couple of them for my next project.
In consumer-oriented equipment, yes, unfortunately. Fortunately, most
workstation boards still have them (the latest I have is my desktop box
at work, a HP xw4300, Pentium D), and of course server boards do. The
thing that upsets me the most, given that I do a lot of work with
network hardware, is the fact that laptops don't have them anymore :(

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