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Larry T larryt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 15:35:43 UTC 2008

Thank you very much Bob. I fiddled with the CSV file a bit. Also, I found
that your frequency calculator was not generating the appropriate
frequencies for my cable so I modified your script to pull the frequencies
in instead of freqID. Then I searched for the mplexID by the frequencies. To
accommodate this, I also skipped the check for an existing channel. Maybe
this was a result of my misunderstanding of your script. Either way, I am
not sure this constitutes an improvement because your version was more

In summary, Bob's script (which directly adds channels to the db) fixed two
problems for me that may or may not be related:
1) Many of my digital SD channels were coming in and being assigned to 1008
thus leaving me with only one of those channels at the end of the import of
channels.conf or scan. These channels were tuning fine though.
2) I was not able to tune some digital channels through an import or scan.
This allowed me to directly add those channels and I have verified they
function by recording programming on these channels and viewing the .mpg

In an effort to improve MythTV, are these problems the result of a software
bug somewhere in the chain or a misconfiguration on my part? Any guesses?

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 11:39 PM, Bob <mythtv at cox.net> wrote:

> Larry T wrote:
>> I have been using a pcHDTV 5500 for approximately 3 years and I remember
>> there was a period where scanning worked for some people and didn't work for
>> others. Then a release came out and corrected the problems.
>> Since then, it had been working until a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago, I
>> stopped being able to tune in to channels that I used to have. I rescanned
>> using mythtvsetup and was unable to find the channels. My total QAM channels
>> had diminished by approximately 2/3. I scanned with my TV with QAM tuner and
>> the missing QAM channels were still present (though not remapped). Thinking
>> I had signal problems, I brought a cable tech out and boosted my signal
>> which did not help. Thinking my tuner had gone bad or was not sensitive
>> enough, I purchased a HDHomerun which gave me new insight.
>> To illustrate my problem, I will focus on my local CBS HD affiliate which
>> is 105.2 according to
>> http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/lineupui?Cmd=LocationProgramsWeb&Country=US&Postcode=32904<
>> http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/lineupui?Cmd=LocationProgramsWeb&Country=US&Postcode=32904>.
>> Both the 5500 and HDHR when scanning through MythTV detect the 105 range and
>> lock on, then report it as "No Tables" and do not add any subchannels in
>> that range. They do not give any further details about the subchannels.
>> There is no indication of failing to tune or encrypted channel or anything
>> else as to why 105.x is not identified. It jumps to 106 in which it reports
>> a lot of encrypted channels. If I use my TV QAM tuner or the HDHR Windows
>> based software, I can locate every QAM channel in the above link. The
>> channels lock on and stream fine with a reasonable signal.
>> My settings for the scan appear to be reasonable because I do receive some
>> channels such as those in the 50 and 76 range of the above link. Is this a
>> known issue with a workaround such as manually adding the channels? Is there
>> any way to increase the relevant logging in mythtvsetup to provide more
>> detailed information? Thanks for any help.
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> I have the same problem.  Attached is my solution.  Put your QAM data into
> the CSV file (keep the columns in the same order).  Then run the script.
>  The script will rename existing channels and insert missing channels.
> No guarantees or refunds.  Send back if you make it better.
> Bob
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