[mythtv-users] Olympics Recording - How do I record individual events?

Joe Borne joe.borne at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 15:19:23 UTC 2008

Hello again all,

I'm a bit of an Olympics nut, but only for certain events (weightlifting,
Taekwondo, fencing, Track & Field). In looking at my listings on my mythbox,
and on the various websites I can't figure out how to record individual

All I can get are 4 to 8 hour blocks that have 7 or 8 different things. Does
anyone know of a way to narrow this down so I don't have to record
everything and just fast forward? I know it's probably impossible to get
just what I want, but I would think they could at least give us a 1 or 2
hour window instead of 8!

Thanks in advance,

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