[mythtv-users] Yet Another XvMC Problem

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Mon Aug 4 12:10:17 UTC 2008

Jonathan Heizer wrote:

>> Ha and that is why these messages can never have too much info.  I use to run 
>> the log files to a ram drive, but after I recently updated to Knoppmyth 5.5 I 
>> have been having problems getting the ram drive to init correctly.  So for the 
>> last few weeks everything has been hitting the cf card directly.  I guess I 
>> need to knock my head against that problem some more this weekend.
>> Thanks
> I have the logs going to the ram disk again and I am still having skipping 
> problems.  We watched a movie on tv and had it playing for a few hours (SD) and 
> later went to watch a 1080i recording.  At that point it was skipping like crazy 
> with 95%+ cpu usage.  After a quick reboot it was playing great for the next 
> hour using 55% cpu or so. 
> The video card is a fanless 6200 and nvclock reports it at 59C after playing 
> back 1080i for an hour and is still running at the same speeds as when it started.
> Welp, any one have any tips?
> Jon

Try turning off de-interlacing temporarily.

Try turning off any cpu throttling temporarily.

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