[mythtv-users] mythweb memory problem

Marc Randolph mrand at pobox.com
Mon Aug 4 03:04:22 UTC 2008

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 12:39 PM, Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Udo van den Heuvel wrote:
>> the httpd's error_log:
>> [Sun Aug 03 19:28:05 2008] [error] [client] PHP Fatal
>> error:  Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to
>> allocate 48 bytes) in /var/www/html/mythweb/modules/tv/recorded.php on
>> line 158, referer: http://recorder/mythweb/
>> I already increased the memory_limit in php.ini without effect.
> There's also php.conf in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ with a memory setting which
> appears to have a positive effect. No more error.
> Question is: for how long?
> This is only a list of max 900 GB worth of (lowish bitrate) video.
> What if my disk is bigger?
> Any ideas?

I doubt its the 900 GB's worth that is the problem - the memory
consumption is likely due to the number of listings.  How many shows
do you have recorded?
But to answer your question - when your disk gets bigger, you may have
to increase the limit again.  Granted 34 MBytes seems a little
excessive, but if I were to guess, optimizing this would be WAY down
on the priority list compared to other bugs (and features).  Or maybe
someone can submit a patch that operates much more efficiently!


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