[mythtv-users] $50 to Make My Serial IR Blaster Work

Steve Wilson mythtv_arizona at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 30 05:00:20 UTC 2008

--- Jeff Clark <jeff at vacantcanvas.com> wrote:

> After reading just about everything online,
> compiling and re-compiling lirc
> and trying to stay sane, I really just want my IR
> blaster to work.  It's all
> that's left in getting my Mythbox ready to use.
> So if you can get it working on my machine, I'll pay
> you.  Seriously.
> The only other thing I ask is that it's documented
> exactly so that I can do
> it myself afterwards.
> I'm not even kidding.  I'll give you a login
> (there's absolutely nothing on
> my box besides Knoppmyth right now) and you can just
> have at it.
> The day you deliver the info, I plan on wiping the
> HD clean, reinstalling
> Knoppmyth and running your directions.  Just email
> me when you're done with
> the instructions on how to get it to work from a
> clean install and if I can
> get it to work with your instructions, I'll drop $50
> into your PayPal
> account.
> Oh behalf of my girlfriend, my other geek friends
> and my co-workers -- who
> are ALL sick of hearing me talk about how I *think I
> might be close this
> time!* -- please.  And thank you.
> Please send me a message with questions or if you
> want to try to tackle it.
> Jeff
> My setup:
> Knoppmyth (latest stable)
> Serial IR blaster (from irblaster.info) on COM1
> Motorola DCT700 input via coax to a PVR-150 (no
> blaster/receiver dongle for
> PVR-150)
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I know that this can be frustrating. I'd just use the
lirc package from Knoppmyth so you don't have to worry
about a recompile on a kernel change. What do you have
in your modprobe.conf and how are you starting lirc
usually found in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local also what do
you have in your lirc.conf file and what are you using
for your change channel script.

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