[mythtv-users] common noob question

Sarah Katherine Hayes sarah at sarahhayes.is-a-geek.net
Tue Apr 29 14:37:43 UTC 2008

As others have touched on, QT might be built without MySQL support.  If 
you're using Gentoo add mysql to your use flags and go at it again (TBQH 
so much is dependant on mysql you might want to just to the usual emerge 
world).  You might want to give us your distro for more specific 'how to 
reconfigure' help.

Is mysql working?  /etc/init.d/mysql start usually fires it up.
Did myth-setup work Ok?

try this:

mysql -u mythtv --password=<your mythtv user's password, often mythtv> 
-h <hostname of the database machine or localhost> mythconverg 

worked example (using my system):

mysql -u mythtv --password=mythtv -h madcat mythconverg

If you get a little mysql> prompt appearing then it's all good and the 
database is accepting connections.  If you get a permission error/access 
denied type message then you need to adjust the permissions/password of 
the mythtv user in mysql.   (type quit at the mysql> prompt to quit it).

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