[mythtv-users] problem about grabbing TV-info

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Sun Apr 27 06:39:28 UTC 2008

Hey group.

I got a funny problem with my MythTV.

I got an external tuner (SateliteDish) connected to my System.
The problem is that I'm using 2 different grabbers to get the channels 
All this have worked perfect untill the upgrade to 0.21.

After the upgrade most of the channels fits with the timesettings, but 
some channels have their EPG 2 hours behind. Especially payperview 
channels from VIasat.

Eventhough the grabber also takes other chaqnnels info in - which are 
perfect - match to the rigth start and end time - but having 10 channels 
that are 2 hours behind.
Is there any way to push the grabbers info the 2hours so it'll fit into 
the rigth starttime.

Please notice that it also grabs EPG for other channels that are normal 
- but not the big moviechannels - they're are 2 hours behind.
What can I do to make this fit to the danish time. Should it have 
something to do summertime.
My Bios and systemtime are normal - to the danish timezone. and most 
channels are shown in the rigth way - but just not the move channels - 
So each recording on these channels are not matching at all - so any 
suggestions are accepted.

Don't quite know - which files you're needing to help with this problem 
so please write if some files are needed.

Per jørgensen

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